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If you are interested in HomeSource Family Charter, Please 1) fill out the online enrollment request and 2) sign up to attend an orientation session with the form links above. You will get your questions answered and can pick up enrollment paperwork if you like.

We hope the following Question/Answer information will assist persons interested in enrolling full-time students at HomeSource Family Charter.

What Is HomeSource Family Charter, And What Sets It Apart?

Since 1996 HomeSource served homeschooling families as a resource center, providing supplemental education for a wide variety of students and educational preferences. In 2008, in an effort to keep HomeSource as an option for families outside the Bethel School District, we partnered with AllPrep Academies, an online charter school. This partnership ended in about January of 2010, and so our families voted for us to pursue public charter status for ourselves. This was achieved in a remarkably short time with the outstanding support of the Bethel School Board, Superintendent Colt Gill, and the amazing administration and staff at the Bethel District office. On October 18th, 2010, we opened as HomeSource Family Charter, a public charter school serving grades K-12.

What sets HFC apart is the fundamental approach that has been successful to homeschooling families - individualized learning. We combine differentiated learning (adapting teaching to a student's own learning style), parental involvement, small classroom size with blended grades, and personal attention so that each student receives a truly unique education suited to their needs.

Elementary and Middle School Students
K-8 students are assigned an Educational Specialist (ES) who works with the parent, student, and teachers to oversee an individualized learning plan that meets state educational standards for a complete education. Students are required to meet twice a week with their ES for tutoring, coaching, support, evaluation, and documentation of the student's body of work. Students have the option of doing some course-work at home (Standards by Design), thus reducing their time in a classroom seat if this is desirable. Parental partnership and intricate involvement is really key to our success, and we highly encourage parents to be present in the classroom and actively involved in homework. Their presence onsite contributes to the family atmosphere that makes HFC a comfortable place to learn.

High School Students
Students in grades 9-12 earn credit toward a diploma, taking a minimum of 6 subjects just like K-8 students.. A NEW feature this year is that ALL high school students will be signed up for a mandatory Home Room class on Thursdays. Along with providing important course study the homeroom class will include work in the area of personal management and provide a critical contact point with a teacher who is monitoring class attendance trends, student behavior and assignment completion by students. Parental involvement is still critical to success although students work with classroom teachers who meet federal highly qualified requirements. In a non-traditional schedule with far fewer classroom hours than a traditional school, students meet twice a week with their teachers of core classes and at least once a week with teachers in non-core subject areas. The number of core classes may vary according to each student's schedule and requirements for graduation. If the student is in class, a meeting requirement is met. Classes that regularly meet twice a week need no out-of-class contact unless the student is absent. There is a great deal of flexibility in how out-of-class contacts may be made, including core subject area labs. Standards By Design (SBD) classes are not currently being offered to high school students except for the required SBD physical education, which involves keeping a record of physical exercise. Off-site PE classes can substitute for SBD PHY.

In addition to our on-site classes, HFC offers Off-site classes through our contracted providers in the areas of physical education and performing arts.

HomeSource Family Charter focuses on meeting the individual needs of each student with an individualized support system. HFC offers a non-traditional schedule in which students are not onsite all day every day of the week. Parents who are interested in being closely involved in their child's education, having a wealth of resources available, and who are looking for a more non-traditional environment may find this program to be an innovative and positive experience. If you are currently homeschooling or considering homeschooling, come visit us and let us show you how many of the positive aspects have been incorporated into our charter school program, allowing you access to a great education.

What Is the Minimum Age Requirement?

HFC follows the Bethel School District policies on minimum age for enrollment. Students who are 5 years old on or before September 1st of the school year may enter kindergarten. Students 6 years old on or before September 1st of the school year may enter 1st grade. Children must be enrolled in a school full-time or be a registered homeschooler by age 7 according to Oregon State law.

How Much Does It Cost?

HFC is a public charter school and provides a full and free education to all its charter students from any school district. Community homeschool students may also request open seats in many classes (for this, please see the FAQ for community homeschooler enrollment). In order to provide choices in how the student's educational needs are met, an annual allotment is provided to "spend" on classes, materials and curriculum. This is not in the form of real money, but is a figure tracked for the year. Some fees may be paid out of pocket, if you wish, to extend the educational allotment. There is a required supply fee of $25 is due at the beginning of the academic year. This fee covers instructional materials in academic and elective classes and may be taken out of the allotment.

Who May Enroll As A Full-Time Charter Student?

Students from all school districts may now come to HFC without the need of an inter-district transfer. We are required to give preference to Bethel School District residents, but until we reach our cap of 500 students, any students age 7-18 may enroll. Once our cap is reached, a lottery system will be activated for non-Bethel residents to take available spots. HomeSource Family Charter is a public charter school, and is only currently enrolling full-time students. If your student is currently enrolled full or part time in any other public school or alternative education program, you will not be able to attend classes until you withdraw from that school or program.

How Do We Enroll at HFC?

  • Sign up for our Enews Here and keep up with things on our website as information is released.
  • Fill out the Request for Enrollment form at the top of this page for each of your students.
  • Sign up for an orientation at the top of this page (New parents need to attend an orientation, and students are welcome to join you in attending).
  • Come pick up enrollment packets during regular office hours. High schoolers should also have their transcripts available for us to review.

What Do I Have To Bring to My Enrollment Intake Meeting?

  • Proof of birth (birth certificate or some other legal documentation)
  • Proof of residence address.
  • Immunization records
  • Proof of Guardianship (if not legal parent)
  • If coming from another school, please being a copy of your high school student transcript.
  • After looking over the course catalog online, bring a list of classes (with Course ID numbers) of classes of special insterest.

How Do I Sign Up For Classes?

You can view our catalog online to see courses available. HFC staff will work with you to submit class requests, supplying alternates to ensure the subject area is filled. Once your classes have been assigned, you will be supplied with a weekly class schedule.

How Do I Sign Up For Classes When Teacher's Permission Is Required (TPR)?

HFC staff will assist you in determining if a student can get permission to enter a class that requires prerequisites or teacher's permission to enter. In general, a student no more than one grade below the stated grade range may be able to enter a class with teacher's permission, provided there is room in the class. Students above the stated grade range may register for a class if this seems appropriate to the ES/AA and the teacher. Students more than one grade below the stated grade range cannot register for a class without first meeting with the Director and the teacher to determine if this is an appropriate placement.

How Are Class Seats Awarded?

This is not a "first come first served" system as was done in the past. Class requests go into a batch and are awarded according to an algorithm of preference, including Bethel, then non-Bethel residents, grade level, and availability of alternate choices. Awarding of open seats during enrollment/registration week is done after 3:00 PM on Friday.

Class schedules are provided to your ES/AA for distribution. Any necessary schedule changes are handled through the ES/AA as your primary contact.

What Do I Do If The Class I Enroll In Gets Cancelled?

In that case, we will move on to your next requested alternate class. There should always be enough alternates to allow for this possibility, unless the requested class was not required by your education plan.

What Are Standards By Design (SBD) Classes?

HFC has 14 years of experience working with homeschoolers. Because of this, we appreciate how valuable an approach it can be to have students working at home with the assistance of their parents or other involved family members. Students K-8 can take advantage of custom-designed course work that is based on state standards where much or all of the work is done at home under the direction of their assigned ES, a licensed teacher. Unfortunately, SBD classes are not being offered this year to high school students due to the critical nature of contacts with teachers and the importance of monitoring class assignments.

How Does HFC Report Grades?

In partnership with the parent, for grades K-8, each ES or teacher will complete each term a Report Card outlining your child’s progress in meeting the Oregon Benchmarks and Standards. Grades K-5 will receive one of the following for each subject: exceeding grade level (E), meets grade level (M), progressing towards grade level (P) or needs improvement (N).

Students in grades 6-8 will only receive pass (P) or no pass (NP) for each subject or class.

Grades 9-12 will receive a letter grade, A-F.

Teachers have the option to give a letter grade for students in grades K-8 if they choose. Parents are responsible for contacting the teacher and arranging this if the teacher agrees. This will not be facilitated by the office at HomeSource. Letter grades for K-8 will not appear on the report card. (The one exception is 8th graders will receive a letter grade only if they are receiving high school credit for the class.)

Will My Student Have To Be Tested?

HFC complies with all mandatory statewide assessments developed by the Oregon Department of Education under ORS 329.485, as well as any assessment developed by the Oregon Department of Education, the United States Department of Education or the Oregon Legislature to implement the federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) assessment requirements. Assessments for other areas are performed on a basis of individual need.

Does the Parent Have to Be Onsite?

One of the keys to success of our program is due to strong parental involvement - in the classroom, in volunteer support, through regular communication with the child's ES/AA, and in their child's education at home. It is part of what makes the culture at HFC an amazing one. Parents are not, however, required to be present. We do not have a large facility, though, and due to the non-traditional scheduling of our classes, charter high school students may be onsite without a parent (using the high school lounge, resource library, whisper study) when not in class for no more than 2 non-class periods per day, but students under 14 and not yet in 9th grade may not be onsite without a parent when not in a class unless meeting with ES.

How Do I Drop a Class?

Because your ES/AA is responsible for the integrity of the education plan, adds and drops to a schedule must go through that person. The best interests of the student's educational needs are our first concern.

How Do I Learn More About HFC?

Please feel free to contact or fill out the online form under the Contact Us page for more information.

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